This Woodworker Teamed with a Graffiti Artist to Craft Wooden Spray Cans

French designer and woodworker Thibaut Malet is continuing his wooden art series, as he recently teamed with graffiti artist Zics for a three-part collection of hand-carved spray cans.

Malet crafted the cans from local cherry wood in southern France before shipping them off to London, where Zics laser-engraved quotes like “Excuse my French,” “From the wall to Wall Street,” and “Some words deserve to be drawn.”

In the past, Malet has made a collection of carved LEGO figurines from sustainably sourced wood, recycling the waste compiled as a result of the project. He’s also presented handcrafted bike racks, lamp stands, and children’s toys—all of which focus on eco-friendly techniques and materials. His designs are consistently minimalistic and innovative, and he updates his Instagram profile frequently with his latest creations.

Graffiti artist Jerome Beguier, who moves under the alias Zics, has been working on graffiti projects since 2000. He’s now based in London and melds his graphic design background with his street art influences to produce installations and murals which can be found throughout France and the UK. He’s previously put together animation campaigns for BBC Radio 1 and designed advertisements for large clothing, car, and food companies.

Together, Malet and Zics have combined their efforts to pay homage to both street art and artisanal carpentry.

The Malet x Zics wooden spray cans are now available to purchase via Thibaut Malet’s Etsy shop. Only one of each can design is up for grabs, and each is priced at $157.81 USD.

Image via Thibaut Malet

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