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Men of Steel: The Greatest Action Movie Heroes Ever

One thing we all can agree on is our deep appreciation for the slickest, toughest, and in some cases, most stylish action heroes in cinematic history. They walk the walk and talk the talk, which is why they never fail to save the day, even if it means a few buildings have to get destroyed. When it comes down to it, though, the heroes at the forefront of our favorite action films do more than just ruin the plans of Dr. No and The Riddler. They give us long-lasting catchphrases and lucrative franchises that we’re more than willing to buy into.

When considering all the action movie heroes in film, these 10 tough guys stand out as the ones you want on your side in the heat of a world-ending threat. They don’t even need a cape to get it done, either. Okay, only one does, but his whip makes up for it in the long run.

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