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The Greatest Hip-Hop Comebacks Ever

The world loves to witness a good underdog story in hip-hop where an artist returns to former glory either from an extended hiatus or a poorly received album. With a big part of one’s overall respect extending to musical legacy over time, true legends of the game have faltered and bounced back accordingly. A decade ago, Jay Z was in the midst of retirement, and today he has risen again to be among rap’s leaders. Meanwhile, his one time combatant Nas was able to reclaim lost glory with Stillmatic, widely considered among his best work. Another elite comeback has been Eminem. A guaranteed platinum seller with each release, his proven star power allows him to take a hiatus whenever he chooses. With respect to these legends, there are also artists with niche followings and veterans who have managed to reappear in the spotlight after vanishing for some time. Here are the greatest comebacks from present and former superstars.

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