Green Label Gallery Amsterdam – Art Exhibition Winner

The first-ever Mountain Dew Green Label Gallery kicked-off in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, bringing together some of the coolest digital urban art from across the globe. With over a thousand submissions via social media, the best of the best entries were selected for printing and exposition. Dutch art collective Chaotic Bastards were on hand to help curate the exhibit, combining the various pieces with their spectacular illustrations into one massive work of art.

Visitors to the Green Label Gallery were invited to view the making of the exhibition and to vote for their favorite pieces. The artist with the most votes and the winner of the Green Label Gallery Amsterdam was Dutch artist Buddy Verstrepen. His stunning, black-and-white masterpiece, largely influenced by the creators of Alien, had elaborate illustrations creating a dramatic scene. Verstrepen’s superior technique, skillful use of mirror imagery and attention to detail is clearly visible in his work, which garnered him a well-deserved win. The winning piece will now be featured in New York at Green Label Gallery Brooklyn Sept. 20th – 21st. Stay tuned for more details.

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