#GreenLabelGallery Curator Jawgem Gives Us His #PiecesOfMind

This year Green Label Gallery returns to Amsterdam for the #PiecesofMind exhibition. The focus will be on bold typographical works and quotes submitted by a global community of artists using the #GreenLabelGallery and #PiecesofMind hashtags. All submissions will be sifted through by the exhibition’s team of curators, led by illustrator and designer Vonik, accompanied by Jawgem.

We reached out to Jawgem to get his #piecesofmind. For more information about Green Label Gallery and how to submit, see here.

Most artists work with images. Why were you attracted to letters?
I’m an illustrator by profession, and because I always had a struggle with finding letters that suited my work, I started to create them myself. It creates endless possibilities in combining and finding the perfect style.

As a designer of any sort, I feel you have to be able to create good lettering to make sure your own style and character is most visible.

What’s the most important thing to remember when creating a new letter design?
For me it’s making sure that the form or styles of the lettering fits with what you are trying to say and bring across.

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When in your studio or creative space, what are some of the tools you cannot be without in order to execute to your best ability?
I’m pretty basic so I do really need my pencils and markers. Sometimes calligraphic markers to give a different touch to the letters. But other then that I can manage with the basics.

If you’ve ever been mentored, what was one thing that was instilled in you that you would pass on to an emerging artist?
I’ve been mentored by Darrin Umboh who really gave me my drive to start doing letteringbefore that I was horrible at letters. He told me that if I wanted to be an illustrator, I needed to learn lettering, and I felt that was so I could have an all-around style in my designing and illustrating.

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How have you used the internet or social media to advance your career, and what have been some of the outcomes?
I’m really fond of using Instagram. It’s just easy and very direct in showing an image to people. Sometimes I get inquiries through Instagram and I see a lot of people use my account to check up on my work because it’s more easy to update than a website.

Why would you encourage people to submit to Green Label Gallery using the hashtags #GreenLabelGallery and #PiecesOfMind?
I think it’s a good chance to show your work, especially if you’re an artist who wants to get noticed. It’s a cool location and it’s connected to some good stuff, so why wouldn’t you do it?

Last of all, can you give us a piece of your mind?
Getting paid to do what you love is great. So why not work hard for that?

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