Mano and Hollywood Holt Share #LocalKnowledge at Green Label Live: Chicago

Hollywood Holt and Mano are Chi-Town vets. Holt rose to prominence following a string of hits beginning with his moped anthem “Throw A Kit,” a take on Rich Boy’s seminal 2006 hit “Throw Some D’s.” While he may identify as a rapper, he’s been influenced by many genres. Holt hails from Chicago’s South Side, but over the course of his career has created music that sonically traverses the line that separates the city’s North and South Sides–music fit for the urban appeal of the south but can also appeal to the suburbanites of the north.

Mano, formerly Million Dollar Mano, has been deep in the musical trenches since he was scratching records on a Fisher Price 45 turntable. He made a name for himself spinning at some of Chicago’s most treacherous parties, and even found himself commanding parties for some of its illest cats. A steady hand and an unmatched resolve led him to working as Kanye’s tour DJ on both the Watch the Throne and Yeezus tours.

Holt and Mano have been deep in the game for some time, and treated Green Label to a little history lesson on the sonic evolution of the city they call home. They recount the days where they’d have to hit up specific venues to hear particular genres, and also speak on how the diversity of their auditory tastes led them to create events that brought the whole city together.

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