The Green Label Live Map Is Your Guide to Austin

Green Label has partnered with Lyft and a number of locals to bring you the Green Label Live map, a guide to taking in the best of what Austin has to offer while you're down at SXSW. While most folks will be down there to take in the waves and waves of music they're also there to get away and bask in all that the city has to offer. If that sounds like your plan then this is the map for you.

We've got everything on the list from activities to kill some time, to spots where you can grab some grub, in between some of the shows you've been waiting all year to catch.

For the skate rats we've included a pair of the city's best skate shops that'll keep you gripped up and rolling in case of an emergency. If you need to freshen up those tatts, or maybe even get a new one to remember your time in Austin then we've got you covered.

When it comes to grub we've got a list chock full of everything from Detroit-styled pizza, to veggie bites, Texas bbq, and even a burger bar.

For those that dabble in sightseeing we've even got a number of local Austin hotspots on the map as well.

If you're into graffiti and street art we've got a place for you. If you're in the mood for a quick dip after trudging from show to show in the sweltering Texas sun then we've got you covered also. Into bats and observatories? Then we've got a local spot that pairs the two perfectly.

Last but not least we've got the location Green Label Live, consider it your jumping-off point. Check out the map in our gallery above and grab one when you touch down in Austin!

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