See Concert Photographer Greg Noire’s First Solo Show In Houston

Houston photographer and Green Label contributor Greg Noire is holding his first-ever solo photo exhibition, “Classic,” in his home city’s Ronin Art House on September 10.

The event, which was entirely crowdfunded by his supporters, will spotlight some of his best concert photography (he’s shot stunning images of Childish Gambino, Big Sean, Jhene Aiko and countless others), as well as intimate portraits, celebrity candids, and a handful of never-before-seen captures.

“I’m excited for people to come out and see what I’ve been working on for all this time,” Greg explained. “I really want to thank my supporters for donating to the cause because this wouldn’t be happening right now if it weren’t for them.”

“Classic” will be free to the public from 7-11 pm, and there will be prints to purchase as well as some exclusive giveaways. Check out our Digging Through the Greats folio retrospective with him here, and show him love with a follow on Instagram.

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