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The Fan Art Files: The Best Portraits of Gucci Mane

Every day this week, Green Label will celebrate the most creative fan art of today's popular artists. 

For someone who's spent a large portion of their career away from the public, Gucci Mane has been quite busy.

While he has spent years in and out of trouble with the law, Gucci has solidified his position as one of the South's most prominent figures, with constant releases, a signature nonchalant drawl, a diehard following, and, um, an interesting selection of body art. Evidence of his lasting influence, La Flare and his dedicated fans celebrate "Guwop Day" every year on 10/17. This year was no exception, with fans spreading his music and sporting more "Free Gucci" merchandise in his honor, trending on social media throughout the day.

And while parts of his personal life remain a mystery, along with his inexplicable magnetism, artworks of his likeness show his fans know him best.

Here is the best fan art of Gucci Mane.

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