Support Gucci Mane With This #FreeGucci Hat “From, Will”

Amid this week’s memes and music celebrating Gucci Mane’s beloved number “1017,” fashion newcomer William Harris a.k.a. From, Will dropped his limited edition “Free Gucci” signature cap, bringing together Guwop fans near and far in support of the incarcerated rap star.

The hat marks the second release from the 21-year-old freelance designer and pop culture aficionado, who first gained notoriety earlier this year with his “Future Jordan” t-shirt and the hat’s first appearance at the 40oz Bounce Atlanta.

“I gravitate towards things that I see that I would want to buy,” says Will, who is also an avid Gucci fan. “I felt like the Gucci thing and the Future Jordan t-shirt that I had, they were kind of things that could be timeless. They’re kind of like collectors’ items, not only something you can wear.”

Originally available only in black, the Gucci Mane hat sold out in record time and was even featured on Instagram’s Search page under the “#freegucci” hashtag. If you missed out on the first wave, you’re in luck: the popular hats are available again in both a black and a white color way for one day only, re-releasing next Saturday at 12 p.m. EST exclusively at

Images: From, Will

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