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Guitar Hero TV (GHTV) Lets You Relive MTV's Best Years

It’s been five long years, but Activision’s finally put together a comeback tour for one of its most beloved franchises: Guitar Hero. The rock star simulator that redefined the music-game genre is hitting next-gen platforms under the performing name Guitar Hero Live and reinventing its image by creating an immersive online experience dubbed Guitar Hero TV, which is unlike anything we’ve ever played before.

Billed as the “world’s first playable social music network,” GHTV is best described as a playable version of MTV when it actually played music videos.

With tons of content, modes, and special features lined up, developer FreeStyle Games has big plans for the service heading into E3 2015. We linked up with the studio to get an exclusive look at the latest updates for GHTV. Tune in!

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