Hands-Free Tinder Detects Your Heart Rate to Make a Match

Next time you get on Tinder, you could let your heart do the choosing—literally. The latest innovation in the Tinder-sphere is Hands-Free Tinder, an alternative method to online dating that relies on physiology to make a match.

Through sensor technology embedded in the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices, the app monitors any fluctuation in your heart rate to determine whether or not you like the presented candidate. An indicator will appear on the screen, showing you how quickly your heart is beating. It will ❤️ the person’s profile if your heart is racing, and will ❌ it if your rate slows down. The app literally listens to your heart to determine who you’re into and who doesn’t make the cut.

Hands-Free Tinder isn’t available yet, but according to its developers, it’ll soon be coming to an app store near you.

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