What We Learned About A$AP Rocky From “AT.LONG.LIVE.A$AP”

A lot has happened to A$AP Rocky since he released LONG.LIVE.A$AP, his debut album, back in January 2013. He’s been in a high-profile relationship with model Chanel Iman, however, the two split recently (“I got really depressed because I knew that she deserves better,” Rocky told MTV). Rocky’s friend and ASAP Worldwide artist A$AP Ferg released his debut album, Trap Lord, to overwhelmingly positive reviews, too. Most recently, though, A$AP Mob co-founder and Rocky’s closest confidant, A$AP Yams, passed away earlier this year. A$AP Rocky pays homage to his best friend on the cover of his latest album, AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP, placing Yams’ signature birthmark on his own face.

AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP has only been out for a few days now, but A$AP Rocky’s growth as a rapper radiates throughout the whole album. He’s different. He’s kind of strange. But most importantly, he’s a much better rapper. Maybe all of the ups and downs have affected his artistry. Whatever happened to the 26-year-old emcee, we love it.

After listening to AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP on repeat, we’ve picked-up a few things about the new, alternative A$AP Rocky. From his lavish shopping sprees in Paris to his views on police brutality, here are 10 of Rocky’s most sincere bars on his latest album. The 2015 A$AP Rocky may take some getting used to, ladies and gentleman.

“Canal St.”

I went to Paris for my trunks, $100,000 spent on Goyard

Used it once

On “Long Live A$AP,” the first song off his debut album, Rocky says: “On the road to riches, a diamond ring, designer jeans.” However, this was more of a declaration of things to come, a promise to himself and the rest of the A$AP Mob: we will have designer rings and jeans one day, guys.

Now, two years later, they’ve got that and a lot more. Just the idea of flying to Paris to purchase a $100,000 bag and then use it only once is stupefying for someone like us. For 2015 Rocky, though, that’s light work.

“Fine Whine”

I Know I’m a scum bag and now your heart broke

The night is still young, for you to sleep and whine

According to his MTV interview, Rocky was the one who ended the relationship with Chanel Iman. Who breaks up with the most gorgeous, talented model in the world? A scum bag, that’s who.

“Excuse Me”

Okay excuse me, Mr. Bill Collector, I got problems

My check arrive mañana, I’ma pay my debt, I promise

I spent 20 thousand dollars with my partners in Bahamas

Another 20 thousand dollars on Rick Owens out in Barneys

What makes this line so incredible is its simultaneous lavishness and relatability. On the one hand, we learn that Rocky’s just like us; he owes his bill collector. We’ve all been in that situation before. Whether it’s the light bill, rent or good ol’ Sallie Mae, you can’t say you haven’t been late on a payment at least once.

However, on the other hand, homeboy just dropped 40 racks like it was nothing. Dude, you have 40 racks to spend on clothes and then you’re telling the bill collector you’re sorry? Imagine if the bill collector hears this song. He or she is going to be very upset.

“Electric Body”

All I wanna see is green faces

All I wanna count is green numbers

Man that stuff is weird, lookin’ like the Matrix

Here A$AP Rocky betrays his weariness with the world around him. He’s bored of the typical shapes and colors; he wants to see green– exclusively. And not only on some, “just show me the cash” type green (although that’s a large part of it); Rocky’s saying that he wants to be like Neo from the Matrix, and see the world through a completely different lens than us plebeians do (listen to the song “L$D” for more clarification here).

Someone give A$AP Rocky the red pill so he can find Nirvana.

“Jukebox Joints”

Only one word I’m afraid of is the “love” word

It looks like there’s one thing that does scare the 26-year-old rapper, and it’s not death.

“Max B”

It’s like I lace up my boots and call my troops lately

Traded all my hoodie rap for all my suits lately

I’m 26 but I’ve been living in my youth lately

This illustrates the conflict within Rocky more than any other line on the album. He’s still in his youth to some extent; he’s hanging out with other A$AP Mob soldiers, lacing up the boots so to speak. However, at the same time, 2015 Rocky has to be a grownup. His right-hand and main confidant is gone. Rocky’s the sole person in charge of cultivating the A$AP Mob movement.

It may not have been Rocky’s intention, but these bars demonstrates the immense weight on his shoulders.


I went to France and almost got deported

The fans is screaming when I hit the border

The finest part of this song is Pimp C’s verse. However, we’re not talking about what we learned from Pimp C on this album. That’s a another think piece, thesis or book (Pimp C probably deserves his own college course if we’re being honest.)

On “Wavybone,” Rocky’s establishing that his influence is global. While some artists may sell out a show in L.A. or set off the smoke alarms in a Boston venue, how many rappers are in danger of getting deported just because their presence causes too much fanfare? I’m sure you could count the amount of rappers with this type of power on two hands. Now you know, Rocky is one of those cats.

“Better Things”

Swear that life just a whole bunch of vices

Channelling Hunter S. Thompson. Life’s filled with temptations, and the more famous you get, the more toxic those temptations can be. Undoubtedly Rocky is trying to keep his head above water while all types of people are trying to seduce him.

What makes it even worse, though, is people gossiping about your vices to the public. Bye, Rita.

“Dreams (Interlude)” 

I just had an epic dream like Dr. King

Police brutality was on my TV screen

Harmony, love, and peace is all we need

If you thought A$AP Rocky’s subject matter was limited to expensive clothes and women, you were wrong. Like many rappers before him (J. Cole, Killer Mike, and Wale just to name a few), Rocky shares his take on the now-public issue of police brutality. He even provides the perfect solution to society’s problems: harmony, love, and peace.

“Back Home”

Grab y’all surfboards, cause y’all got your boogie boards ready now – A$AP Yams

Yams fathered a movement that we’re lucky to even witness. If you didn’t know this already, I’m not sure where you’ve been, fam. But you better recognize who the true cultivator of this whole A$AP Mob is. RIP Yams. There will never be another like you, and we’re eternally grateful for the short time you blessed us with your presence.

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