Here’s a Tiny Rock Band Made Out of Peanuts. You’re Welcome.

Steve Casino started crafting his nutty statuettes just over two years ago, after he jokingly drew a caricature of himself on a peanut shell.

“I saw this movie called Beauty is Embarrassing, about this artist Wayne White, and after I saw it I decided I wanted to start doing some artwork. I remembered I had done that peanut, and started thinking about what I could do with it.”

His current portfolio includes astonishingly detailed depictions of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, Game of Thrones, Elton John, Michael Jordan, and countless other icons. He’s also done commissions for wedding toppers and personal peanut personifications.

Casino, who works full-time as a toy inventor, takes upwards of ten hours for each portrait.

“I just finished the Beatles and Ed Sullivan, and that took me about 70 hours,” he told us in a phone interview from his home in Kentucky.

“First I’ll look at my subject, especially his proportions. Then I’ll sift through a container of peanuts and look for one that reminds me of him. [Laughs] Then I’ll drill holes to add arms and legs, and depending on how much I have to change it I’ll add filler to fill in the bumps. Then when that dries, I draw or paint, and I always leave the back bare so you know it’s a peanut.”

He once participated an art show to display his pieces, and got a kick out of the reactions from unprepared onlookers.

“When they’d realize it was a peanut they’d crack up. They would look at me like something was wrong with me.”

But Casino isn’t totally nuts. His works typically sell from $275 to $350 a pop.

Though he’s considered venturing out to other foods, for now, he’s strictly peanuts.

“I would try walnut portraits or something, but it’s just because peanuts look so much like people!”

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