These Are the Top Trends for Spring According to Dan Maravilla from Hex

A rose by any other name, blah blah blah blah blah—but a backpack with antlers and flowers on it?

> everything.

Hex got my attention with their latest for S/S 2015, an all-over print created especially for them by design master Toyoki Adachi, whose Nowartt brand is a highly regarded textile company in Japan. Adachi's theme was "harmony with nature and peace," and the antler motif represents "a safe life of animals in the forest and awareness of our natural environment."

The seven-piece line includes both bags and phone accessories. I asked Dan Maravilla how he feels about this flowery trend, and got his tips on how to look fresh as a daisy doing it.

What are the top three trends we're seeing for S/S 2015?
There are always a plethora of trends being touted as must-follows every season. While keeping current on what is being said, we filter everything and direct our own seasonal direction for Hex. For S/S 2015 we took note of a few that resonated with Hex.

Stripes Coming to life in anything from blazers to sweaters to socks as well as within the printed shirt trend. We often work in stripes. They are classic and nostalgic.

Denim To me denim is always in style and while we did not use denim on the Hex x Nowartt collection we did pop a blue waxed workwear inspired canvas this spring that is very denim-friendly.

Florals Florals continue to "grow" this season in shirts, pants, jeans, and even jackets.  Our collaboration with Nowartt has subtle floral detailing in the "Peace Camo" Toyoki created for us.

What do you think brought back all these floral prints into men's fashion?
Florals have been on a slow build for a few years now. With florals gaining support by everyone from high-end fashion houses to fast fashion, this visibility has increased the traction of florals coming into 2015.

When did you decide to collab with Nowartt? What do they bring to the table that no one else could?
We started talking with Toyoki in late 2013 about a collaboration. Our Japan business is very strong and allowed us to connect with Toyoki and his textile label, Nowartt. As textiles are central to Hex it was a natural fit to work with a great textile/graphic designer. We are fans of Toyoki's art and the way he makes unexpected choices in details in his art, just as we strive to do in our product detailing. This can be seen in his use of horns and antlers to create a forest around the flowers and animals within.

What's your favorite piece in the collection, and what do you recommend wearing with it?
I have been using the convertible tote. It is just the perfect size and feels like my old tool bag but now carrying my current "technology" tools.  It is a great statement piece and looks right as a casual or business bag. I pair it with denim or grey slacks and uniform patterns like stripes in a shirt.

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