Higher Level Mastering Looks To Disrupt the Music Studio Biz

Getting your music mixed and mastered can be a bit costly, especially if you’re looking to receive top-tier results that reflect the quality of what you churn out. Henry Bainbridge, an engineer based in Bristol, England, has taken to Kickstarter to pitch his idea for an affordable pop-up mastering studio.

With his project “Higher Level Mastering,” Bainbridge aims to use his expertise as a studio engineer to turn vacant commercial spaces in the city of Bristol into pop-up mixing-and-mastering studios. With the influx of emerging artists in the city, and the high cost of studio sessions considered, Bainbridge made the process more affordable for artists who may not have favorable budgets.

By dialing back on the fluff and keeping his setup to just the necessary essentials, Bainbridge believes that he can use meticulous selection to create a temporary setup that rivals what you’d get from a larger mastering studio and, as a result, produce a “world class sound.”

Some of the benefits of backing the Higher Level Mastering project with your pledge include receiving exclusive music from local Bristol artists, the opportunity to sit in on a mastering workshop, and even getting your album mastered by Bainbridge.

While Higher Level Mastering will begin in Bristol’s city of burgeoning artists, it’s possible that with enough success Bainbridge may bring his operation across the pond and hook up some emerging artists some quality mastering.

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