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7. Lantern

A headlamp would be the ideal light source for backpacking purposes, but for a campsite, you’ll want to opt for a lantern. By lantern we don’t mean one of those old school kerosene lamps, but rather something a bit more modern and more functional like the Snow Peak Hozuki Lantern. Don’t let the small size of this LED light fool you. It features three brightness settings that can illuminate everything from the inside of your tent to the entire campsite. Besides, you’ll want to conserve as much space as possible in your daypack, and the Hozuki Lantern’s modern, flexible design allows you to do just that. It is powered by four AA batteries, and can operate anywhere between eight and 20 hours, depending on the brightness. If you happen to run out of batteries, just plug it into that BioLite you remembered to pack and let there be light.

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