Vintage Boombox Installments That Definitely “Got The Power”: Bayete Ross Smith, Double Tapped

Sculptures are commonly understood as hand-crafted figures that are made from materials like plaster, clay or stone. Not in 2016.

New York City artist/photographer/educator Bayete Ross Smith welds together old boomboxes (and communities, for that matter) in his public art series, called Got The Power: Boomboxes.

Channeling empowerment and nostalgia from hip-hop’s golden era, Smith’s monuments are erected in different cities across the country, and play music selections and oral history from the communities’ residents.

Public Enemy would be so proud.

#Repost @icp #GotThePowerBoomboxes is a a series of site specific sculptures by #QuestionBridge artist @bayetekenan. With this series he travels to historically significant communities and constructs a sculpture made out of vintage boomboxes. He then collects local community members favorite songs and recordings of their memories in the form of a story. The resulting #mixtape consisting of Music and oral history is broadcast from the boombox sculpture. This series began as a public art residency with the @laundromat_proj. So far he was created these sculptures in #Harlem #West#Baltimore #Minnesota #Birmingham and #Brooklyn. The @questionbridge team of artists are involved in a variety of projects that seek to further explore #identity #perception and #community. #oralhistory #music #publicart #sculpture #demographics #boomboxes #boombox #GotThePower #soundtracks #mixtapes #communityengagement. To find out more about Got The Power Boomboxes and @bayetekenan’s work visit

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