Sonic The Hedgehog and Shadow Get A Boost From Yeezy: Nuri Durr, Double Tapped

While Nuri Durr (@actionhankbeard on Instagram) does a great job of showcasing hip-hop’s reaches into film and video game culture, he really shines in his ability to create prints that would make great animated cartoons. You can practically imagine Ice Cube’s relaxed, LA-accented voice reciting lines from the cult classic movie Friday, and who wouldn’t love seeing Sonic the Hedgehog’s Shadow hit super speed in a pair of Yeezys?

A scene from one of my favorite movies. A photo posted by Nuri (@actionhankbeard) on

A Ninja Turtle goes to the gym.

A photo posted by Nuri (@actionhankbeard) on


Notorious HIPPO.


A photo posted by Nuri (@actionhankbeard) on

“Here’s Busta Rhymes with the scenario.” #TBT

A photo posted by Nuri (@actionhankbeard) on

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