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10 Hip-Hop Songs That Make You A Better Person

The following playlist has been curated from the catalogue of American hip-hop by a professional cyphertologist. It is intended to be consumed under the supervision of a licensed DJ for introspective and recreational purposes only.

*Consuming this playlist with an open mind may increase risk of wokeness. Tell your DJ if you experience empathy, as this may be a sign of enlightenment. Other symptoms include acceptance, gratitude, and increased self-esteem. Severe ego death has been reported in a number of cases.

This playlist may not be right for people with megalomania or an untreated ego. It should not be listened to if you have a history of materialism or pettiness. People taking Intolerance should talk to their DJ before deciding to go on a hip-hop regime.

If hip-hop has made you a better person, tweet me at @Kaisermane.

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