Attend Holiday Parties In Style With These Hip-Hop Sweaters Inspired by Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, and Gucci Mane

As we near ugly-sweater-party season, trade in your trips to the neighborhood Goodwill for these fresh knits from holiday sweater kings Shredders Apparel and hip-hop producer Mike Will Made-It.

The Texas-based Shredders brand is now offering a collection of hip-hop sweaters and accessories inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest—perfect for fans looking to face winter in style. Even cooler, the merchandise is licensed under the artists, making them official, and stars like ATCQ's Jairobi have been seen sporting the goods.

For fans of La Flare, you can further anticipate Gucci Mane's freedom with Mike Will's "Free Gucci" ugly sweaters in his honor. Available in red, black or limited-edition white, the festive sweaters feature the popular image of Gucci's ice-cream-tattooed face, topped with a Santa hat.

To pre-order your favorite legendary rap group's sweater for the holidays, visit Shredded Apparel's site. To show your support for Gucci Mane, check out Mike Will's Ear Drummers online merchandise shop.


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