Hollywood Holt Signs to G.O.O.D. Music

Hollywood Holt, who you may remember performed alongside Million Dollar Mano Green Label Live: Chicago event, has recently revealed to the world that he is now the newest member of the GOOD Music family.

The label is already home to Big Sean, John Legend, Pusha T, Mos Def, and of course Kanye West. Holt must have made an impact on somebody, though, because he’s the first artist to be signed since its inception in 2004.

While some may be under the impression that Holt will just be another string of rappers under the GOOD umbrella, his publicist recently revealed to Billboard.com that Holt may not be making the kind of music that folks think.

“It’s like if Joy Division, The Strokes and Dr. Dre made an album,” they said.

While this may sound like a sonic potpourri, that has the potential to leave your ears and minds perplexed, it’s important to remember that Holt is a man inspired by a plethora of genres.

In his Green Label Live interview, he touched on the musical separation that existed in Chicago. This segregation would inspire him to combine the musical elements of Chicago’s more urban North side and its suburban South side to create a sound with the intention of uniting the city.

It looks like we’ll all be able to experience the vision he’s always had since he stepped on the scene. He’s exhilarated to become another galvanized nail in the house that ‘Ye built. Even Pusha T took to Twitter to offer his congratulations, to let everyone know that the ink is dry, and to inform everyone that new music is on the way:

Pusha T Congratulates Holt

Image courtesy of Hollywood Holt/Facebook

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