How ATL Rappers Goldyard Got To Work With Trinidad James

A.T., In-Doe and Flick James are more commonly known as Goldyard, a high-energy hip-hop trio whose trilogy of culture-questioning EPs (and the visuals that accompany) teach the importance of rethinking expectations and embracing originality.

Over the timeline of their come-up, they’ve locked elbows with Trinidad James, asserted a position in Atlanta rap, and have learned some valuable lessons about working in a group.

The Message:

There are traditions that are being continued today that are keeping us from growing as a culture. You don’t need to get caught up about heritage and all of these things that separate us. We’re all about change and togetherness.

Fitting in with Atlanta’s Rap Scene:

There’s a lot of creativity in Atlanta. We like this city’s hip-hop, but we don’t fit in with it. We have elements of it, but we’re a little more musical. It’s nothing like anything else you’d hear come out of Atlanta.

Working with Trinidad James:

We’ve done two collabs with him. We’re tight with his engineer, and we’ve played some stuff for him before, which he liked. The timing was right. He’s a great, humble dude.

Group Dynamic:

We just get in a room, talk about what’s going on and just vibe out. We definitely disagree on stuff, but it’s like a family unit. Or like a sports team or something. We push each other to do better. You have to learn to listen other people’s tastes to make everything work as a whole.

On the Agenda:

We’ve done our own things, but right now, we’re working on Goldyard. We make a lot of music we don’t put out. There are a few videos we have that are dropping soon.


Image: @goldyardmusic

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