How To Set Up Your Skateboard In GIFs

GIFs seem to be everywhere these days, whether it’s in a email from a friend, coworker or from a family member. We don’t see a lot of ‘How To’ GIFs though, so we decided to do one to show you how to set up your skateboard. Below is the list of exactly what you will need to get the job done, along with a nine-picture sequence of how to do it.

Gear Needed:
1. Skateboard Deck
2. Griptape
3. Skateboard Trucks (2)
4. Wheels (4)
5. Bearings for wheels (Remember to use your body weight and axles to smoothly slide bearing into wheel wells)
6. Bolts

Tools Needed:
1. Phillips Head Screwdriver
2. Skate Tool/Socket Wrench
3. Razor Blade
4. File (A skate truck can be used in a pinch)

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