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What's Beef? How West Coast Rap Won In 2015 By Mixing With The East

According to legend, the East and West Coasts are old time hip-hop rivals. During the reign of rap legends Biggie and Pac, rap fans were forced to pick sides. After the death of both iconic rappers in the late ’90s, the beef subsided, mostly out of fear of repeat violence, but the damage to the relationship between the two coasts was already done. In fact, it was never fully repaired.

Until now. It's different in 2015. New York has gone largely radio silent (literally) compared to the momentum of countless solid releases from West Coast rappers. But the West has simultaneously offered an olive branch to the East, paying respects to the birthplace of hip-hop by integrating aspects of the classic New York sound, from production and samples to features and flow.

As we await New York’s next move, here’s a look at some of the biggest releases out of LA this year that blend the worlds and consistently feature the New York sound throughout. West, West, y’all.

Image: Fuller Moe

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