I Wish I Had HUF’s Spring 2015 Collection Growing Up

As a streetwear head, it's imperative to rock fire fits one hundred percent of the time. Whether you're headed to the dentist for a root canal or at the race track about to put all of your cash on the horses, you don't want to be caught wearing a polyester sweatshirt and some capris (I'm not sure you want to be caught in that regardless of your affinity for streetwear, though).

I'll never forget the time that I made this mistake as a pubescent teen. It was the first middle school dance, and, despite numerous attempts to pick my own outfit, mama dukes maintained that she knew best. I love my mom, but in no way did she know best. I ended up sweating like Patrick Ewing in my great-grandfather's polyester suit, which happened to be three sizes too big. The lesson here is pick your own fits, always.

Now if HUF's 2015 Spring Collection had dropped back in 2003, I would've unquestionably, positively, definitely, definitely, definitely rocked the hell out of it. I would've rolled up to that dance in with the vintage tropicana floral jawn and Huf's "H" 6 panel hat, demolishing all of the other 6th graders' hopes and dreams and becoming the most popular kid in school. At least that's how the whole thing plays out in my head.

HUF's second delivery of the 2015 spring collection has that type of power, though. Some of these patterns—especially the classic "H" wear—can change your life. Let's say I was really rocking this collection back at the dance. Maybe the coolest girl in school falls for me that night. Maybe we go to college together and rock matching gear 24/7, shining on all of the basics. Then we get married and have little streetwear babies. Wow, life would've been so ill if this dropped years ago. These middle schoolers are so blessed.

Check out the second delivery of HUF's 2015 Spring Collection, and peep the incredible lookbook shot by Brian Kelley at the horse racing track. You never know, this collection may just be the key to your future.

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