Hula Created Some Truly Amazing Street Art Portraits In Hawaii’s Waterways

While adorning forgotten building facades with colorful street art is certainly nothing new, Hawaiian native Sean Yoro, better known by his artist moniker Hula, recently took his wall murals to a new level—sea level.

Though he currently resides in Brooklyn, the surfer and street artist returned to his roots to beautify the island’s waterways. Taking street-style art to the seas, he painted a handful of vividly realistic murals on walls along the ocean’s edge—all while afloat on a surfboard.

The pieces all depict larger-than-life portraits of women, who appear to be half-submerged in the water. Because of their reflections in the water, the recreations are stunningly realistic.

He remains on his board, balancing his paint supplies and all, to scout locations alongside disused facades. Since the murals exist in nearly inaccessible, secluded spots along the water (like under bridges and on abandoned buildings), only fellow paddle boarders and swimming passers-by will be able to admire the paintings face to face.

This isn’t the first time Hula has married surfing with his artistic talent: he’s also created paintings using chunks of surfboards as his canvas.

Though his online shop soon isn’t live yet, you’ll be able to purchase Hula’s originals and limited edition prints soon.

The finished piece 🌴🌴🌴 photo : @dbla_ron model : @kiksneaks

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Weeeeeeeeeeeee 🏄 photo : @dbla_ron model: @kiksneaks

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Waited forever for this perfect light to come peeking through 🌖🌒🌗🌓

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