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The Most Iconic Dance Moves Of All Time

There’s always a reason to dance. Some people do it professionally, while others just dance when they find a good meal. Regardless of the motivation, moving your feet to a beat is a shared pastime that the entire world takes part in (we hope). Over time, we’ve even collectively developed a few classic moves and routines that break age barriers and only grow in popularity with every new generation.

For this list, we bunched up the most iconic dance moves that we know you guys have attempted at least once in your lifetime — or, in the case of the Electric Slide, at every wedding you’ve been to. Ever. We took it back to the moonwalking 80s, did the Macarena into the 90s, headed Uptown with the Harlem Shake, and Dougie’d our way into the new millennium. If we missed any steps, let us know some of your favorite moves that kept the party going.

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