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Digging Through The Greats: Illgander

I like to capture real moments. I don’t have a favorite subject, but I work the best in any environment that allows me to capture a real moment, where I don’t have to set up or fabricate anything.

My Instagram captions are pretty abstract.  They explain the photos but they still give each one its own meaning and energy. I like to play with sounds in the words, and I really try and make the photo have its own existence. It’s not just a photo on my Instagram. There’s a lot of work that goes into the production process, and I like to imagine each of my photos as a paper lantern, and when I post it I’m letting it go.

I’ve been working with some big brands, and it’s been really crazy because I don’t really know all the etiquette that you’re supposed to have as a commercial photographer. When I’m in a meeting, I just go along with all the fancy terms—I’m just kind of a dude that shoots.


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