The 5 Things I Learned About iLoveMakonnen from ‘Drink More Water 5’

I love Makonnen. You love Makonnen. Everybody loves iLoveMakonnen. The Atlanta rapper and newest OVO recruit has been gaining notoriety thanks to catchy singles from some of the game’s hottest producers (Mike WiLL, Sonny Digital, etc.), as well as his jovial and adorable aesthetic.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or something, you know that iLoveMakonnen recently dropped his highly anticipated mixtape, Drink More Water 5. Filled with ballads and bangers alike, DMW5 is the sole musical project we’ve been consistently bumping at the Green Label offices for the past week, and in that time we learned a bunch about this eccentric 25-year-old.

Read below to see what we learned.

Image: Billboard

  1. We now pretty much know his complete weekly schedule. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what Makonnen is doing at this very moment” (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t), he’s probably already dropped a clue. As outlined in “Whip It (Remix)”, you can catch the Super Chef teaching cooking classes on Thursdays and in driving lessons on Sundays. In the second verse of the original tune, he says he does “a private class on every Monday,” though we’re not sure exactly what that means. On Wednesdays, he’s likely getting a slick fade at the barber shop, and you already know what he’s got going up every Tuesday.


  2. He has no time for gold diggers. In DMW5, Makonnen gives us a detailed history of his love life. “Slow It Down,” is a classic “one who got away” narrative, with lines like “I was standing here, right by your side/ Telling you gon’ be alright/ On them cold nights, I was telling you gon’ be alright/When you didn’t have no ride.” As he tells it, since none of her friends approve of his rapping career, her desire for a wealthy lifestyle puts a strain on the relationship.He also chronicles his heartache in “Leave U 4 Myself,” where he sings, “You didn’t care about my health/You only being for my wealth/I had to leave you for myself,” and returns to the dilemma of a shady lady’s gold-digging intentions in “Get Loose With Me.” “They ain’t here if I’m losing,” he sings, where “they” refers to the countless women who lust for him on the regular now he’s famous. He may get more Snapchat messages than most 25-year-old dudes could ever dream of, but even ‘Konnen knows that no thirst trap can compare to true adoration from a ride-or-die wifey.


  3. He’s probably a good bae. About halfway through the tape, “Get Loose With Me” promises he’ll never ignore your texts, he’ll allocate all of his time to your every want and need, and he’d never sing about another girl like he does about you. Maybe he’s been getting pointers from his OVO uncle Drake for some of these softer lines.


  4. He holds it down for his squad. None of this takes away from the Atlanta rapper’s love for his crew. He brags about their vehicles on “Drink More Water (Freestyle),” rapping, “My friends got BMWs that look like space drops.”Similarly, on “Super Clean,” he tells us that all of his friends enjoy getting money, but not illegally; on “Dodging 12 (Remix)”, he assures that you’ll never find him nor his friends behind bars (the prison kind).


  5. His self-confidence is through the roof. Ok, so braggadocio has been a central theme in hip-hop for decades, but iLoveMakonnen takes an unconventional approach. On “Super Clean,” he boasts that his “pretty” face is the reason for his recent appearance in GQ, and he even makes claims like “I’m the hottest in the town, that’s period.” The dude even features himself on two tracks. If that’s not self-love, we’re not sure what is.

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