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When he was little, he promised his mom that he was going to buy her a house. There was a point last year when he was really stressed out about Is This Art? and was having doubts. “Like, ‘What if it’s not good? What if people don’t love it? What if this whole thing doesn’t work out and I can’t buy you a house?’ She said, ‘Don’t stress yourself out over us because we’re going to be fine. Just make the music you want to make and do what you want to do in life.’

That made me feel good, like I’m not working so I can buy this house, I’m working because I love it and the process.”

That’s the space he’s in right now: putting in the work, and waiting, following his own advice. Now that he’s grown to appreciate himself, Christmas admits he’s more open around his peers, and comfortable in his own skin.

“My life did a complete turn,” he says. “It’s cool not worrying what other people think, because then they think, Damn he’s so cool for not caring about my opinion, I should be like him. And then they stop caring about people’s opinions, and the world becomes a free place again.”

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