In the future new cameras will be made out of cardboard and will look like old cameras

Forget about carbon fiber, the hottest material out right now is cardboard. British designer Kelly Angood has become a rock star in the DIY community for creating pinhole cameras out of cardboard. She started by making a medium format camera based on the design of a Hasselblad. Then she made a 35mm version and posted instructions on her website so that anyone could make their own with just a cereal box, a soda can, some film, and a paper clip. The idea caught on and now Angood wants to make a new medium format pinhole camera called the Videre and is going to Kickstarter to make it happen. As of this writing, Angood had already far exceeded her goal of 15,000 pounds. So get ready to start taking some really artsy photos, just make sure you don’t accidentally sit on the camera.

[Via Cool Hunting]

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