India’s scenery and amazing cinematography ALMOST make Kilian Martin’s freestyle skateboarding watchable

While freestyle skateboarding is the grandfather of modern street skateboarding, you will have trouble finding anyone who actually enjoys it. Freestyle skateboarding tricks are mostly stationary and involve lots of awkward crouching and tick-tacks, which is vastly different from street skating where speed and grace are key. As a result, freestyle has been almost forgotten about except for a select few who try to keep it alive for some reason. Kilian Martin is one of these guys. Martin first made some noise a while back when he starred in a video by Brett Novak. The cinematography was amazing and the editing was done so well that many people were confused and asked themselves, “Do I actually like freestyle skateboarding?” The video was shared frequently on social media, primarily by non-skaters, skate appreciators, or people that “used to skate” 20 years ago. But as these things go, it lost steam and didn’t result in a significant increase in the population of freestyle skateboarders, thankfully.

Well now there is a new Kilian Martin freestyle skateboarding video called India Within. Martin performs tricks in some of India’s most incredible locations and the video features amazing visuals, powerful music, and lots of freestyle skateboarding. Once again, it leaves you confused. Don’t be swayed. Just try to remember, it’s still freestyling.

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