Someone Give This Guy A Nickelodeon Series: Tatoarts, Double Tapped

My number-one favorite thing about the ’90s revival are the Cowabunga-dude! shades once so prevalent in the biggest surfer-bro brands.

This aesthetic permeated everything that mattered at the time, including the surreal dude-comedies like Ren & Stimpy that are icons to anyone with an ‘8 at the front of their birth year.

Which I guess is why when I found these fruity-drink color schemes from @Tatoarts I had to throw him a double-tap or five. Gnarly.

K5909 + chikenfries

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%%%%%%%%%%%% OFF @tatoarts

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Buenos Dias ® cinema3d #art #digitalart #gif

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inks #art #ink #yellowsubmarine #tatoarts #details @tatoarts

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