Interview: Large Professor Weighs in on the Current state of Hip-Hop

The new school is cool. They just went back to slower tempos. We’ve been through that before, so it’s just that sound coming back around. It’s cool though.

With the change [of sound], a lot of the rappers today don’t know the struggle that we went through to get to where we were. A lot of [the veteran MCs] lyrics were educational. Dudes like Rakim were trying to elevate the mind. Because of the current disconnect [between the rap generations], dudes feel like they don’t have to pay respect. They’re on some, other stuff and the lyrics are a little reckless to me. I don’t agree with a lot of them. I do like that their beats are banging with that new technology though.

It’s a natural thing. Music is natural. You feel it, and you react. Just seeing the outcome out here [at SummerStage], it lets people know that there’s people out here that want to hear this. When you hear someone say ignorant things and all that, the human spirit is going to naturally feel some way about that—as opposed to someone just chillin’ and kicking some rhymes.

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