Interview: Ride Snowboards Talks About the Buck Up Snowboard We’re Giving Away

We’ve teamed up with Ride Snowboards to give away their new Buck Up board to three lucky readers. If you live in the 48 lower American states, follow Ride Snowboards on Instagram and like the Green Label Facebook page. Tell us why you should win a Buck Up board, and we’ll give the snowboard to whoever has our three favorite answers.

We wanted to know more about the Buck Up, their collaboration with artist Stevie Gee on the design, and Ride Snowboards athlete Sebastian Toutant’s use of the board for the Sochi Olympic Games, so we caught up with Joe Ebsworth, Ride Snowboards’ Digital + Social Media Manager.

What is special about the Buck Up? How is it different than other Ride boards?
The Buck Up was designed by Ride engineers who worked closely with Seb Toots with contests in mind. It was built to have that broken-in, easy-to-ride feel right out of the wrapper, yet still maintain high-level performance to slay slopestyle comps. It’s stacked with tech to keep it light and has amazing pop off the lip. It doesn’t disappoint.

How was Stevie Gee chosen to be featured on the Buck Up?
Stevie Gee was chosen purely out of love for the work he does. He had done a lot of work in the surf industry, but not in the snowboard world, so we were hyped on that. There are a lot of talented artists out there and a lot of the ones you want to work with have already done something with another board company. His stuff is a breath of fresh air — not all serious like a lot of artwork out there. His sense of humor, along with his content, typography and compositions, is exactly what we were looking for. We sifted through a ton of artists before landing on Mr. Gee, and it just felt right for our brand and this model.

How did you work with Stevie to ensure his illustrations worked with the board’s shape?
We didn’t want this board to be too busy, but still graphic underfoot, just not out in the tip and tail. We originally wanted them to be three different dudes — a surfer, biker and skater. As one developed more into a wolf character, we loved it and decided to go that direction with all three. We did some sizes in white and some in black — a little something for everyone. Large graphic content with aggressive cropping had the right look and feel for this board. If you’re taking this artwork too seriously, just stop. The same goes for your days on the mountain. This is supposed to be fun, right? We think so and we think Stevie Gee would agree that some easy riding wolf men help to remind us to take it easy and enjoy the Ride.

Why did Seb Toot decide to ride the Buck Up for the Olympics?
It was pretty much made for him with contests in mind, which is why the Buck Up is Seb’s signature board. The Olympics will be a perfect spot to showoff Seb’s talent and Stevie’s wolf men to the world!

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