Interview: Rodrigo TX Talks Adidas Skate Copa 2014

When the adidas Skate Copa Tour 2014 hit New York City we caught up with Rodrigo TX at the LES Skatepark to talk about the campaign, soccer, and his new shoe. Check out what the Brazilian skateboarder had to say.

Tell us a little about the Skate Copa campaign.
The Skate Copa is adidas’ collaboration with all the riders’ board sponsors. In my case, it was DGK. Adidas chose the riders who were fans of soccer as well as skateboarding. It’s cool because we’ve got about five different nationalities represented in this collab. The first Skate Copa contest is a competition for skate shops with a team. They sign up for it, and then go against each other. There’s about five stop in total. The winner of each stop gets to go to L.A. for the finals.

The world Cup should be a pretty big thing — especially with it being in your home country this year in Brazil. Did you grow up playing soccer first?
In Brazil, soccer is like skateboarding in California, or basketball in America. When you’re a kid in Brazil, you go to school and everyone plays. That was my thing growing up before skating, and then I got into that when I turned 12. It really pulled me away from soccer. As I got older, and trying to find new hobbies, I got back into soccer.

How did you come across skateboarding?
When I was young — around 5 or 7 — my brother had a board. I only sat on it and pushed around. Years later, I moved into another building that always had skaters around it. That’s how I really got into it. From the first time I did an ollie, I was hooked. I’m 30 now, and I’ve been addicted ever since. I definitely can’t stop.

Getting back to Brazil, what’s a comfort food or something you would bring with you from back home to remind you of the place you grew up?
That’s hard. Can I choose two? [Laughs] I’d bring Feijoada though. It’s a bean/pork plate that came from the Africans and then became a part of Brazilian culture. Every Wednesday and Saturday, all the restaurants cook it. If you can find it out here [in the States], it’s very expensive.

New York is one of a kind for skateboarding. What’s it like for you to come here and experience it?
I haven’t been here that many times — maybe four in total. The first two times it was winter and it snowed. The third time I came was for three weeks with LRG, and I really love it. It reminds me of where I’m from, Sao Paulo. It’s a big city with a mix of cultures. I love that there’s so much life in the streets. Oh, and graffiti is everywhere! I really like it here. “Cidade Viva” — a city that has life.

Your video parts always have life to it, and usually have a dope song to accompany. What are you listening to right now?
The new Mobb Deep album that came out, The Infamous Mobb Deep, has been on loop every day. I’m also listening to Troy Ave. He’s dope.

Walk us through the process with adidas when it came to releasing your new shoe.
This is a new shoe in the line, and they gave us the freedom to choose the colorway. The shoe is already done. I like to go through shoes that I like from the past, send it to the designer, they send back a bunch of options, and you pick the ones you like the most. I just wanted something clean. White is the new black, so I’m pretty hyped for this one.

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