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9 Inventions That Shouldn't Have Been Made

It takes a lot to come up with a game changing invention these days. However, in a world where it seems like we’ve seen it all — just on YouTube alone — a new product is always on the verge of being put on the market. If the new Google Glass eyewear or the advancements in 3D printing haven’t impressed you enough, we’re sure the product of the future is just an infomercial away from breaking through. However, for every great idea from the Steve Jobs of the world, we’ve also seen a few duds make it through the cracks.

Take a look at a few inventions that will probably have you wondering, “How in the world did these even make it out the factory?” We’re right there with you guys, and are still trying to wrap our heads around these inventions that definitely should have been recalled while they were being thought of.

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