How to Tour Internationally as a 19-Year-Old: Meet IshDARR

While most 19-year-olds are still figuring out their five-year plan, Milwaukee native IshDARR is rapidly ascending to worldwide glo levels, dropping viral SoundCloud hits like hot cakes and packing his bags for a European tour.

Fittingly, his most recent release is called Old Soul, Young Spirit. He may be young, but he has no problem keeping up with the rest of them.

There has to be some secret method to this madness. We got up with IshDARR to find out how he does it.

Never Self-Doubt

A big push for me was one of my motivators, a high school counselor. He saw something in me and pushed me to keep going with it. I was so used to rapping in groups, and once all my older homies had left, I didn’t want to rap anymore. But he told me I should keep going, so I tried to go on by myself. Once I did that and I was successful with my first song, I was like, “OK, let’s keep it going.”

Inspiration, Not Imitation

Even before I started rapping, I was watching a lot of Kendrick videos, and TDE became really influential on me. I actually ended up on a few tours with them, and that sound really grew on me. But still, I don’t let it get to me that much, since it’s really important to find your own lane.

To Sign or Not to Sign?

[If the opportunity presented itself,] no, I couldn’t [sign with TDE]. Of course it’d be great to be with TDE, but I have bigger goals. I’m trying to be my own Kendrick. I can’t be in a group where someone else is already at the top.

Right now, I’m staying independent. I feel like I can gain so much more if I stay doing what I’m doing. Some artists are touring off of mixtapes, which is much more powerful and much smarter to do if you’re trying to do something epic. Until it’s needed, I’m going to keep doing this by myself.

Remember Your Roots

Milwaukee is like a boiling pot right now. It’s inspiring watching everybody move. It’s definitely buzzing right now and we’re getting some national looks.

I’m trying to do what TDE did in their city, but for my city. They love and represent where they live so much, they talk abut growing up there and putting their city on, and try to give back.

How to Lock In A European Tour

That was my booking agency. That all came about quick—as soon as they heard my sound they wanted to sign me. My international booking agent thought we could pull something off right away, and everything built its way up, and he landed some shows for me in Europe.
Just be patient. This definitely didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been developing this sound for five years. Patience is the biggest thing for me. It will come eventually.

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