ISlide Limited-Edition “Great White” Slides: Your Blank Canvas Slides

Nothing’s fresher than keeping a clean slate until realizing a clean slate is no end in itself. What starts off gleaming white doesn’t always stay that way. Before you let dirt roads and toe-stepping hobbyists personalize your whites for you, beat them to the punch.

ISlide, believes that you should “stand in what you stand for,” with their customizable slides. With their next launch, ISlide rolls out a limited-edition colorway dubbed the “Great White.” True to their name, they feature an all-white upper and outsole with a light grey footbed that’s poised between some heavenly footwear and a NASA creation.

To accompany the launch, they also launched the “#WhatsYourArt? Lookbook” to showcase players in different fields varying the original design with their own take. Supposedly personified four ways—by "an athlete, an entertainer, an artist and a stylista"—each slide is customized to the wearer’s own style. And it doesn’t stop there; the lookbook’s hashtag-led name is meant to inspire everyone to set out and “find their own art.”

Limited to just 500 pairs, get yours here and get on with customizing them to your style.

Image: ISlide

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