Jake Brown’s 720 at the X Games in Brazil throws the skate world off its axis

It has been almost six years since Jake Brown fell from the sky during the X Games Big Air competition. Brown suffered a concussion, broke his back and banged up his liver and a lung after misjudging the Megaramp’s quarterpipe and dropping from 47 feet above the ground. It was a slam that would have sent just about everyone not named Danny Way into retirement. Instead, at 38 years old, Brown is still landing never-been-done tricks. During the Big Air event at X Games Foz Do Iguaçu in Brazil, Brown became the first skater to launch a backside 720 across the Megaramp’s gap without grabbing. Yes, without grabbing. Wrapping your head around the physics of that feat require advanced degrees from M.I.T., so just check it out and let your jaw drop.

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