James Jirat Patradoon’s Web Store Is Metal Mayhem With a Dash of Hip-Hop

If you’re a lover of hip-hop but are more metal sartorially, you might be into Australian artist James Jirat’s Patradoon new web shop.

A collection of original pieces, collaborations, and cheeky patches, as well as illustrations and prints ranging from grisly to the conceptually perplexing, a lot of the work you’ll find takes influence from comic books, video games, and art you might come across while perusing the metal section of your local record store.

Included amongst the various prints and collaborative pieces is Jirat’s Sodium Virus art book. If you’re not ready to take the dive into purchasing fine-art prints just yet then this 142-page collection of Jirat's favorite drawings and other works is the next best thing.

Some of the other more interesting pieces in the Patradoon shop are his iron-on embroidered patches, one of the new accessories we've already noticed in spring/summer collections. These patches, made in collaboration with Aaron Kuswara, bring together the worlds of hip-hop and metal.

In the batch of patches there’s an MF Doom patch that takes the rapper's name and stylizes it to look like the logo of a Doom video game, an Aaliyah and Anthrax mashup, and even hooks up late '90s RnB crooners Blackstreet with a Black Sabbath makeover.

In addition to screen-prints and patches, you can also check out the collaborative work that Jirat has done with companies like Nine Lives Ireland and RVCA. Head over to the store to check out all that the company has to offer.

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