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Digging Through the Greats: Following Instagram Favorite Jason Peterson Into The Light

I’m the North American CCO of an advertising agency. I love Chicago. I moved here four years ago. And I love photography in Chicago.

I was just at CES, where Instagram hosted a dinner for me to speak to 120 CMOs about how to use Instagram. The biggest thing, I said, is to have your phone with you at all times and shoot everything, all day. I have a simple philosophy: every day I shoot, and I have to shoot something better than the image I shot the day before.

The other biggest thing I told those guys is that it shouldn’t cost you anything. If your agency or your employees can’t do it, then find people who will. All the creatives I’ve hired I’ve hired off Vine and Instagram. It’s about doing thousands of hundred-dollar productions, instead of one one-milllion-dollar production.

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