Jaws in “Criddler on the Roof” Thrasher Clip

When it comes to skate spots, everywhere is pretty much an ABD zone. That's why in most cases it's necessary to step your game up–elevate your efforts, so to speak.

Aron "Jaws" Homoki did that and more in his latest clip, that just dropped on Thrasher. In "Criddler on the Roof" Homoki steps it up a gang of notches–and stories–by hitting some crazy roof to pavement, and ramp to roof gaps and drop-ins. It's a pretty wild clip that will have you stuck to the screen and your seat like the time one of the homies pulled a fast one on you with some Shoe Goo.

He wasn't the only that gave it a shot though, with a couple of his homies taking some major "l's" during the clip.

Check the clip out here, and vibe out to the sounds of Danger's "4H30."

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