Jelly Skateboards and BLOCK Risers Are Here to Innovate Skate

Similar to the minds behind Avenue Trucks, the folks at Jelly Skateboards have partnered with riser manufacturers BLOCK to create some new products that they hope will bring some breakthroughs to the world of skateboarding.

First up are their new and improved Kingslayer and Man O’ War boards. These new decks come in the familiar cruiser and longboard styles, respectively, but with a pinch of Jelly Skateboard style. These boards are made of a thermoplastic polymer or bulletproof glass, allowing them to last much longer than a conventional board with a dash of style since they’re clear. The material also makes for a ride that flows like a surfboard but also flexes like a snowboard.

The bonus to these forward-thinking boards is the inclusion of BLOCK Risers new prototypes The Stash BLOCK and the Go BLOCK. Risers are often used to prevent wheel bite when carving or making turns, but for the folks at BLOCK Risers this was another piece of skateboarding hardware that hasn’t seen much change.

The Go BLOCK riser offers skaters the ability to attach their GoPro cameras to their boards and film their rides with less interference and more stability. The Stash BLOCK, on the other hand, allows for you to have an extra spot to keep personal items safe and discreet while riding.

These products aren’t on the market just yet but you can put your bid in to support the campaign and get your hands on what Jelly Skateboards and BLOCK Risers have coming down the pipeline by checking out their Indiegogo campaign here.

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