Jim Greco’s part from the Deathwish video is free online today at the Berrics [UPDATE]

It’s only April 30 but the Deathwish Video has already earned its place as one of the best skateboard videos of the year. Kind of like the Hair Club for Men guy, Jim Greco isn’t only Deathwish’s co-founder, he is also one of the skateboard company’s best skaters. The Berrics just posted Greco’s part from the Deathwish Video online for one day only. It’s got an interesting mix of skateboard tricks that range from hammers (what else would you expect from the guy who coined the term) to technical tricks (think darkslides, and lots of them). Greco also appears to have gone through seven or eight different fashion styles while filming for the video. It can be hard to tell that the guy with the lumberjack beard and the guy with the crewcut are the same skateboarder at times.

Greco’s part is the only one that will be releasing. As Steve Berra wrote on the Berrics, “There will be no other parts fallin from the sky.” So if you want to see the other Deathwish skateboarders like Moose, Furby, and Ellington, you’ll need to go to iTunes.

Update: Baker Boys Distribution has just released Jim’s part on its YouTube channel

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