What’s Up, Joey Bada$$? Talking to the Fresh Prince of Rap on His (and His Album’s) Birthday

Despite tackling his press obligations on the day of his birthday, Joey Bada$$ looks like he’s loving every moment of it. At the Complex/Green Label offices in NYC yesterday, after nailing his photo shoot, the Brooklyn rapper has a bounce in his step. Donning his black Nike hat and gold chain, he uses his downtime to joke around with his boys, even with a long day ahead: tonight is the official launch party of his highly anticipated debut album, B4 Da $$.

“Man. I’m so honored,” he told us. “To just see my [album] hit number one, it just means so much to me. It brought tears to my eyes last night. There’s nothing more I can ask for man. I’m just going to keep going strong.”

In addition to having top-notch producers, the face of Pro Era elected to tap several young up and coming artists, like Chronixx, Raury, and Elle Varner, as well as Action Bronson.

“You know, he’s probably the only one who [is a familiar face.],” says Bada$$. “I had to get him because I feel like us two represent something very powerful right now for New York and hip-hop in general.”

While Action Bronson provides a monstrous verse on Joey’s “Run Up On Ya,” he spoke highly on the guest appearance of his buddy Dyemond Lewis, who appears on “On and On.”

“[He] has been my brother since day one. Once he rapped that verse for me that night in the studio, I just couldn’t turn it down,” he said.

Joey's personal favorites are “Like Me”, “Hazel’s View”, “Escape 120”, and “Curry Chicken.”

“I look at it like, ‘I would [mess] with me [if I was someone else] type of vibe," he jokes. "I don’t listen to my music like it’s me, because sometimes I blow myself away. I gotta look at it from a different perspective. I can’t judge it as me. I’m extra critical of my records.”


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