Jurne x Selina Miles: “Tracksides. Tunnels. Rooftops”

After graduating with a biology degree, graff writer Jurne decided he wasn’t sold on the idea of acquiring his PhD. These days, his time is spent between working on commercial projects and graffiti. “There is a huge difference in technique between scientific research and doing art,” the California dweller told DRAW A LINE, explaining that he favors art because it allows him to make of-the-moment decisions. “You can’t change the course of action with science, but with art you can do whatever you want.”

His most recent project is a collaboration with infamous videographer Selina Miles, as they seek to uncover the essence of his home base in Oakland. Over the course of five days, the duo took to the streets, tunnels, and rooftops to explore the people, places, and things that make the city so vibrant. Jurne may not have been completely in love with biology, but his love of Oakland will never fade.

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