See Justin Hager’s Hilarious Hip-Hop Artworks in Brooklyn Tonight

Illustrator, painter, and San Francisco native Justin Hager is taking his talents to Brooklyn’s Kinfolk 90 gallery today to unveil his latest installation, Gangsta’s Paradise.

Hager’s artistic technique is far from conventional; he’s known to marry juxtaposing facets of pop culture, like popular films with '90s hip-hop heavyweights, to puns like "the Wizard of Nas," or "Biggie Lebowski."

“With every painting, I try to create my own world. I like putting people in a scenario that’s never happened, but that I wish would happen,” he told us.

The artist’s jokey style will be on full display at the gallery.

His biggest wall painting to date, “a giant mural of a bunch of dead hip-hop artists partying and playing dice in heaven," will serve as the installation’s focal work. He also told us he’ll have “like 18 new paintings on the walls,” all under his Gangsta’s Paradise theme.

He and Kinfolk also teamed up to make a chenille patch of one of Hager’s drawings: a sketch of an angelic Tupac, halo and all. There were only 50 patches made, and will be released on a first-come, first-served basis.

Gangsta’s Paradise will be open to the public tonight from 7 to 10 pm at the Kinfolk 90 Project Room at 90 Wythe Ave in Williamsburg.

If you can’t make it to the gallery, Hager has a bunch of exciting projects in the works. He’s part of a group exhibit at LA’s Slow Culture gallery, working with his art collective Swim, prepping for shows in Sweden and Denmark. He’s also doing some product collaborations with art and fashion company Upper Playground, online shop The Last Cat, and skate filmer GX1000.

Images via Justin Hager

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