Kanye’s 6-Step Program To Becoming God-Like & Successful

Close your eyes and whisper, “Life is hard.” While chasing dreams, you will encounter challenges that require bulletproof confidence. Wallflowers will be stepped on and passive mouths will be wired shut. Despite this, I want you to succeed. Kanye is living proof.

1. Adopt Kanye as your teacher.
2. Accept that you can not please everyone.

3. Develop arrogance.

4. Take responsibility.

5. Ignore statistics.

6. Ask for a raise.

Step 1. Adopt Kanye as your teacher

Preserving a dream requires a safehouse within your mind, a place to tap into for unlimited confidence. Kanye has made this special place his permanent residence. That’s why his discography is the holy book of self-esteem. 🙌

I could let the dream killers, kill my self esteem
Or use the arrogance as a steam that power my dreams


Step 2. Accept that you can not please everyone

Most people don’t have the credibility to give guidance, but they do it anyway. Learn how to ignore advice without feeling guilty.

You see, if you ever wanted to ever be anything
There’d always be somebody that shoot down any dream
There’ll always be haters, that’s the way it is

—”Bring Me Down”

Step 3. Develop arrogance

Gatekeepers and decision makers will happily keep you in “your place.” In these moments, confidence won’t be enough; you’ll need uncompromising arrogance.

Excuse me, was you saying something?
Uh uh, you can’t tell me nothing

—”Can’t Tell Me Nothing”


Step 4. Take Responsibility

The harder I work, the luckier I get. Isn’t it funny? Success occurs because of your effort, and yours alone. Take responsibility for orchestrating your vision because no one else will.

Made a mill myself, and I’m still myself
And I’ma look in the mirror if I need some help

—”Bring Me Down”

Step 5. Ignore Statistics

Even if statistically you are unlikely to succeed, you, however, can’t afford to care. Don’t limit your goals by the experience of others. Ignore odds and take it from ‘Ye:

When it feel like living’s harder than dying
For me, giving up is way harder than trying


Step 6. Ask For A Raise

If you do it well, don’t do it for free.

I step in Def Jam building like I’m the ‘ish
Tell ’em “Give me 50 million or I’m a quit”



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Images: Dan Garcia

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